Become an affiliate & promote the Business Systems Summit.

This virtual 2-day event is designed to showcase 30+ best practise systems and processes to run any business more efficiently and profitably. Attendance is free however we offer an upgrade option to gain access to the documented SOPs generated from each of the speaker’s sessions. The final deliverable being 30+ standard operating procedures that attendees can customise and deploy within their business.

This is an exciting offering that will convert extremely well.

How much are tickets and how much do affiliates earn?

The full recommended retail ticket price will be $195AUD with early bird ticket available from $100AUD. Affiliates earn a minimum of 50% of all sales made with payout percentage upgrades and bonuses based on

Are there any rules around promotion?

All affiliates must only promote through channels that they are legitimately allowed to promote in. Spamming email lists, forums or any other communities will disqualify you from participating in the program. Also note: Affiliates must make a minimum of 2 sales to qualify for a payout and commissions will be paid 30 days following the event.